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A parent to parent voluntary support charity

Talking about your experience of birth and letting it out......

How are you?   Do you find yourself answering this question so many times with “Fine!” but really, that’s just the easiest way to respond, because birth is wonderful but birth and the transition to 

motherhood can be tough and so you’re wondering how you would even start to begin to explain how you are really feeling? Or because no one understands? 

 If you want someone to simply listen and to help you make sense of what is inside your head or to express yourself with supportive people then a faciltated Birth Reflection circle  could be just what you need.

 Your childs birth may have been a super positive experience and you want to re-share the expereince.  However, a difficult, long or traumatic birth can cause all sorts of feelings and emotions that you never anticipated. Or maybe the reality of being a mother for the first, second or   fourth time isn’t how you envisaged. Adjusting to your new role, feeding difficulties, the lack of sleep, feeling overwhelmed with the responsibility of this new little person and all  these aspects can be a huge drain on your emotional and psychological well being. Combined together or with a physical recovery after birth and there’s a recipe for a less positive experience. 


A P2P Birth Reflection provides specialist support with a non-directive counsellor in a confidential setting, as well as group peer support. It allows you to express the effect your birth has had on you.  Birth Reflections will help support you to  make peace with your birth based on empathy and compassion. 

A birth reflection circle will allow you to ‘be’ – to talk, to be heard, to express all and any emotion. There will be experienced support to listen as you process what has been and to realise your feelings and emotions are normal, whether you wish to heal from a negative or traumatic birth (often described as a weight bring lifted) or to celebrate a joyous birth (expressing gratitude) and move onto your next phase.

These events happen quaterly annually, to register your interest in the next Borth Reflection evening please email 



What can I bring into the event?

Babies in arms 

 How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

 Where is the event?

Usuall a community centre in Dublin 

Who can attend? 

All Mums who have given birth, regardless of when you gave birth. 

Is this only Mums intending to have another baby?

No, Mums who attend this Birth Reflection may be intending having another baby but it is for Mums who do not intend having more children also. 

How do I attend?

A event will be set up on eventbrite near the date with all the details you will need to attend and Mums can book a ticket (limited to 6 people)

Is there a fee for the event?

Yes, there is a fee for this event to pay for room rental and tea/coffe. Facilitators services is voluntary. 

Will everyone know I went to this event?

No, this event is a confidential evening, it is a small group and we ask all attendees to act with discretion and upmost confidentiality about other attendees information and stories. 

What if I seem foolish?

All birth stores are different and so unique and so every story is important. 

Is this event affiliated with any religious organisation?

No, although a room may be rented in a community centre attached to a religious entity.