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A parent to parent voluntary support charity

Evening Events

Evening Events    

Regularly branches will host a evening event geared towards parents. These Evening Events might be informative talks which will be educational and about a particular subject of interest to parents.

A number of members may express an interest, on a parenting subject or issue, to a branch or a branch parent to parent supporter. They in turn will then organize a relevant professional to come and give a talk or discuss the topic with members of that branch and their friends.

These talks are varied and in the past there have been branch talks on child orientated subjects such as Speech and Language development, Social Interaction and play, about nutrition and food allergies and feeding your baby and also educational milestones, homework tips and physical concerns.

While others may centre around giving information to parents about health, education, contraception, miscarriage, postnatal depression, parenting classes and individual topics on parenting.

Although some of our most popular evening events are run to help parents relax, socialize and have fun. These can include book clubs, relaxation, decluttering, wellbeing, yoga, pottery painting, flower arranging, facebook introduction and take away nights.

Your branch event sheet or web site will have information on upcoming events in your area. If you are interested in an evening event that you and others will benefit from then contact your branch and ask them to organize a speaker to come to your branch and give a talk.

There may be a small fee ;for some of these events. Always check with your branch before attending.